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"I am Nothing, my message is everything."
At the age of 17, Matt began his fruitful career as a professional fighter, winning numerous competitions.

In the midst of his professional fighting career, he began operating Fight Sport in Southern California, educating aspiring fighters.

After a conversation over a sandwich in 2002, Matt became a raw foodist and vegan while still professionally fighting. Since then he has dedicated much of his time to seeking out health, dietary, and spiritual knowledge, becoming an ordained Essene minister and experimenting with many dietary protocols, including fruitarianism, fasting, breatharianism, liquidarianism, and the typical fat-laden raw food diet. During one 8-month experiment, he exclusively ate raw honey that he wild-harvested himself.

Over the past several years, he developed delicious raw food recipes that have been featured in best-selling books by Dr. Craig Sommers and Dr. David Jubb; authored the popular e-book, Dominant Health (now in its second edition); given free lectures all along the West Coast; and created formulations for the successful natural product line, BodyForce.

In 2008, he spent 9 months in the jungles of Kauai, living exclusively off the land as Nature intended. Immediately upon his return, he began lecturing and writing once more, determined to continue helping people improve their lives.

Despite doing all this work free, merely to help others, he began to receive some hate mail, which he took personally. At this time Matt began to fade out of the limelight. Many wondered what happened to him.

In 2015, Matt came back, realizing he could not escape his destiny. He is now Matt Wraith, and authored his first book focusing on extreme longevity, the subject he has focused on over the last six years. Some people are on the earth to promote the way, Matt says, "But I am here to live it."

Message from RawMatt...

I am so glad you found my channel. I have dedicated my life to learning as much as possible in the field of Health and longevity. There is no subject in that field that I have not studied at this point and have now brought everything together to accomplish maximum longevity.

Since this website first went up, I have earned degrees, and multiple certifications in many fields. Including writing multiple books in and outside the field of health and nutrition. I keep up to date on the newest research and update my books constantly.

By teaming up with Roen at the Eternal Life Fan club and Markus Rothkranz at The Health Life, I am able to reach more people with the message of health and longevity.

We can all enjoy optimally healthy, energetic, extremely long lives, and I am here to help people accomplish this. Be sure to check out our New Longevity Youtube Channel here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL6WcAha_oYrl5johM6PwuQ
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