We are, above all things. Symbiotic. Our bodies live each day trying to maintain balance. Our body requires balance. Balance in all things Spiritual, mental and physical. This article is going to be focusing on them all. As I write this, I don't really know why I’m writing about balance in regards to diet as nothing about my program is considered balancing in today's standards. As I Promote only a few food groups and few supplements and virtually no mushrooms, algae, seaweeds, nutritional or brewer's yeast, vegetables, grains, legumes, Fish, Fowl, Meat or Pork. Nor homeopathy, colloidal minerals, transdermal minerals, Isolate vitamins or supplements, urine therapy, magnet therapy, psychic, aura, or faith healing, etc… However, the entire body is one organism made from billions of others. From blood, hormone, flora, organs and emotion. The body is truly a work of art. Balance is easy for someone in their youth, but after a while the bombardment of toxins, stress and diet starts a downward spiral of health leading to disease and death.

We cannot find balance without first, being physically healthy. You cannot live healthy, glorify God, or even concentrate without health at an optimal level. Dietary health balances; Blood health, blood health balances organ health, organ health balances hormone health, which balances brain health, which balances all health. We begin this journey with the 3 major organs for balancing. The Liver, Pancreas and kidneys.

Train your mind to Live! Surround yourself with people who know dedication, willpower, positivity, and belief. We are surrounded by Deathism. Death is your enemy, stop accepting it. It's like accepting a thief in your home. Don't fall for the mindset that is our culture today, death is ok. Just because it has been does not mean that it is natural. Remember science Not long ago taught that big rocks fell faster than small rocks. that the Earth was flat, Anthroposophy embraces the literal existence of gnomes, that the British Isles floats on the sea, homeopathy works, and burning mice ritually will protect your crops from them. Today we know that these are myths, just like the idea that age is a number. Telling someone in just 1950’s that people could live to 80 sounded impossible. When Social security came out then the average age was just mid to low 50s. Today its 80, tomorrow 1000.

But before I just into the tedious science, let's talk about Naturalism first. Our planet without man exists only as “nature”. We invented ways to manipulate our environment to suit our needs. This pulled us further from nature to our current day, where fear of eating something outside has crept in.

Because of this disconnect, we lose some valuable insight on how the human body actually thrives and how it works. Nature is where our foods come from, the water we drink, the air we breath, the energy that heals us. We remove ourselves far from this, we degrade in health but synthetically live longer. We have more disease than ever recorded in history, cancer is 1 out of 2 now, heart disease kills millions, and so many are obese that blood sugar regulation cannot be tolerated by the body and diabetes is killing us. Medical books list thousands of disease’s, yet no animal in the wild ever gets more than 5, including wild dog species. Yet domesticated dogs are disease ridden, just like humans have become.

We don't need to live under a waterfall or in a cave to have health either, though it does help! But the closer we can get to eating natural, removing these human made and maintained hybrid foods, genetically modified, chemical laden new food groups that the body could never have adapted to eating yet. The more we will find balance in our mood, health, hormones and everything.

When I fly across American in a plane and look out the window, I am disgusted. Everything is either a city or a crop growing nothing but trash. Corn, wheat and Rice. Much of that will just go to animals too fed us, but the remainder will be in our foods at the grocery store, or every restaurant and fast food chain in the US. These are health destroying, mineral deficient, nutrient inhibiting, high phosphate, starch laden, dead, glycotic, cancer, fungus, mold feeding trash. Not designed for human consumption.

Don't think for one second that medical intervention today is going to save us. We wait till our heart gets bad before we care about our heart, expecting Dr’s to just fix us. Thats a lot of hope, and expectation from someone if you ask me. Let me eat bad for 40 years and hope the Dr. can fix me in a day. This is not logical, safe or a conscious action at all. This is ignorance, rationalization, selfishness, lack of willpower and knowledge. Wake up, your spoon and fork are your grave diggers. You pack in dead, depleted foods hoping to live and thrive. Your body is using up its reserves from pancreatic enzymes, minerals from our blood, salivary amylase, hormones, and endocrine system glands all to keep balance as you sip down a coke, and get angry as you watch t.v. or even go to the gym build up lactic acid and sip down your creatine, casein laden acidic protein drink and eat a nice organic grass fed dead cow burger full of blood, purines, phosphates, acids, mycotoxins, acrylamides, advanced glycotic end products. all for what? flavor, and vanity muscle. Not the correct mindset for Eternal life.

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