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Raw Matt. Professional Athlete, Author, Speaker, Master Herbalist, Eternal Life Fan.

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Hail everyone and well met! My name is Matt and my dedication to Longevity and anti-aging is considered fanaticism. My purpose is bringing to light the vast healing modalities that have existed in Nature from man's beginning. Anyone has the ability to heal, rejuvinate, cleanse and rid the body of all manner of illness, sickness and disease. However, because of its diversity of symptoms and degenerative effects, people tend to look at aging as a whole, brought on by time, and not something one has control of. I exist to bring you to the next level of consciousness. Take heed of my knowledge before I am no longer able to share it. Why be so insane about health? Well, what are the leading causes of death, disease and loss of vitality? Is it travel, flying, animal attacks, earthquakes, fires, other people, or driving? NO! It's heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. NUTRITION PEOPLE! McDonalds and Wendies kills more people than any war ever will. Pizza, pasta, burgers, fries, cake, bread, ice cream has never cured a single known disease. Diet is our base for all things; it increases Spirituality, knowledge, vitality, life and desires.

"We can look great on the outside but be garbage on the inside. So I would like to reverse this; first, be good and healthy on the inside, and also feel great and healthy on the outside. All the longest lived cultures of people have changed their diet up; they've been really strict on what they've eaten. They've eaten really clean, real foods."
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